Friday, October 23, 2015

TOP 10 Perfect and Elegant Wedding Nail Ideas for Brides 2016

The wedding day is the most important day for a girl. And it is sure that every girl has a dream to have a perfect and elegant wedding with the boy she loved. To earn the dream wedding, there are so many things to be planned carefully, from wedding dress, jewelry, accessories, wedding decorations to the venue. All the details should be arranged in your plan. And here today, we will talk about the wedding nail designs on your list. Wedding nail design is an essential part of your dressing.
Delightfully Cool Ideas For Wedding Nails

On the big day, you will be noticed from head strand to your toe nails by everyone present in the event. So, on such an important day of your life, you cannot afford to have no grace in your nails, which will ultimately beautify your hands.
Nail Art Design Short Nails Beginner 32

How to pick the perfect color for wedding nails? Color is the first to consider before having lovely wedding nails. Your choice of color should reflect your personality and the theme of your wedding. Here are some popular wedding nail designs for your inspiration.
1. Rose Gold Glitter
Rose Gold Glitter avon nail polish wedding spring ideas 2016

Rose Gold Glitter beauty cute wedding nails ideas 2016

Rose Gold Glitter nails designs for wedding 2016

2. Very Literal Manicure
unique design Literal Manicure wedding ideas 2016

unique Literal Manicure ideas for bridal 2016

3. Bouquet-Inspired Manicure
Bouquet Inspired Manicure ideas wedding 2016

Bouquet Inspired Manicure designs for bridal 2016

4. White Caviar Nails
Caviar Nails Cute Pink Nail Art Designs wedding 2016

purple Caviar Nails ideas for bridal 2016

5. Mixed Metal Manicure
great Mixed Metal Manicure nail ideas for wedding 2016

Mixed Metal Manicure for wedding 2016 ideas

6. Half-Moon Glitter Nails
cute Half Moon Glitter Nails designs for wedding 2016

wedding 2016 Half Moon Glitter Nails ideas

7. Glitter Ombre Nails
Glitter Ombre Nails Eye catching Art designs wedding 2016

unique Glitter Ombre Nails for 2016 wedding ideas

8. Nail Jewelry
wedding ideas 2016 Nail Jewelry designs

wedding nail ideas 2016 Nail Jewelry desigs

9. Simple Ring Accent Nail
Simple Ring Accent Nail ideas for wedding 2016

Simple Ring Nail designs for wedding 2016 spring

10. Lace Nails
2016 Lace Nails ideas for wedding

elegent wedding 2016 Lace Nails for bridal

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Chic Halloween Inspired Diy Fall Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

The Halloween is on the corner, it is the perfect time for a gothic wedding. Incorporating an orange and black color scheme, you will find more great wedding ideas. There are so many magnificent examples to choose from for a Halloween wedding. Pumpkins and spooky faces are always trendy.
For Halloween, you can paint spooky faces on them, add teeth or just wrap with black lace to make them elegant. Here is the goodies ideas from reception decor to human decor.
1. Halloween wedding photos and theme ideas
popular ideas for Halloween Wedding Themes wedding poses
fall Halloween wedding reception Ideas 2016

pumpkin Halloween Wedding reception decoration Ideas for Autumn

2. Fall wedding flower girl outfits ideas
halloween wedding bridesmaid dreses shoes outfits ideas

halloween wedding flower girl outfits shoes dresses ideas
3. Halloween fall wedding invites ideas
fall Halloween Inspired Wedding Invitations saying

fall wedding invitations kits for halloween

Gray Red Halloween Letterpress Wedding Invitations for fall
4. Elegent fall halloween wedding card holders for wedding receptions
Crossbones Place Card Holder skull halloween wedding idea

Elegant Pumpkin Wedding Decor Ideas card holders

fall halloween table card holders for brides wood theme

fall wedding halloween place wood card holders

Halloween Wedding skull ideas table card holder
5. Tasteful cake toppers
black white Halloween Wedding Cake toppers fall

fall halloween wedding decoration cake cupcake toppers

scary skull halloween wedding cakes toppers fall
6. wedding decor flowers
Chic pumpkin decor for a Halloween wedding flowers fall 2016

Classic Halloween Wedding flowers Tamara Jason fall
7. Halloween decorations goodies
BLACK White Lace halloween lantern wedding ideas

diy black lace votives final for halloween wedding ideas

fall halloween diy black lace votives final candle

black lace punmpkin Orange halloween Wedding Ideas

BLACK White Lace Masks Girls Wedding Halloween Masquerade Decoration

Halloween Gift Sexy Lady Lace Mask Eye Masquerade Mask wedding

chic Striking Halloween Wedding Dresses

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