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How to DIY Beautiful Handmade Floral Crowns for Your Wedding

When you are planning your wedding, there are so many different items on your list, not the least of which are the flowers for your big day. You need flowers for the bride and the groom’s party, for the church, the wedding reception and of course for your bridal bouquet, as well as for the bridesmaids.
You can even weave flowers through your hair for a lovely natural look and this brings me to one of the growing flower trends for weddings, which are beautiful handmade floral crowns.
beautiful Flower Crown handmade for wedding 2016

Making your own floral crowns is a simple and easy process and will give you hours of fun and laughter with your bridesmaids. You can design your floral crown with one single beautiful flower in the centre and lots of smaller flowers along the sides of the circlet or weave smaller flowers, such as baby’s breath all along the circlet.
So here are some easy to follow steps for you to make your very own floral crowns for your wedding - made with lots of love and laughter.

Collect all of you supplies together

To make your floral crowns it is a good idea to practice first using flowers from your garden. When you are happy with your designs, pick the flowers from your garden or you can order flowersonline and have it delivered in Melbourne or any other cities. Use these to make the final beautiful, floral circlets for your big day.
So to make your floral crowns, you need your flowers and some greenery as well, then you need flower wire, tape and a wire cutter.

Create your beautiful floral crown

Measure the circumference of your head and add a few extra centimetres to the length, so you can easily wind the ends around each other to make the circlet. Next, you need to cover the wire with the floral tape, two or three times, making sure that the ends are well protected.
Once you have your circle of covered wire, you need to select your greenery and tape this around the wire, covering the entire circle or just a half circle, depending on your design.
How to DIY beautiful wedding flower crowns

 Then select your flowers, trim the stems so they are about 10cm in length and tape the stems of your flowers to your crown.
create unique beautiful wedding flower crowns

You will need to wind the tape around the greenery and flower stems a few times, to make sure they are nicely secure and won’t fall off while you are dancing with your new husband!
wedding ideas for handmade flower crowns

Floral crowns are a very simple way to enhance your wedding day and you can mix the flowers and the designs to match both your own and the bridesmaid’s gowns. Handmade floral crowns add just a little touch of whimsy and extra love to your fabulous day – enjoy!

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