Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Peaceful Weekend by Lake

It is great to spend the weekend in the lake. Lake weekends are truly the best. It is very nice to take a rest in the peaceful place after being so busy. We have a good friend live in a small town by a beautiful lake. Sara and I always go to the lake town on weekends, especially she is tired with the job.
Take a long way to drive, and look around the trees, mountains, houses, lakes and rivers. We all like doing so. It is amazing!!!
summer lake fishing trip
fishing swimming lake fun
The peaceful weekends can make us relax and have enough fun. Here is beautiful fishing trip inspirations for you.
fishing trip to peaceful lake
weekends at peaceful lake
peaceful black pine lake
lake in peace darking

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Birthday Party Foods Inspirations

We celebrated Sara's birthday yesterday. Our family and some good friends gathered for lunch. It is a great time of Sara's birthday each year. We always prepare many amazing and delicious foods for all our family and guests.  Sara and I are both dessert lover.  Whether it's a cupcake, pie, cheesecake, cookies, ice cream...you name it, I'll pretty much love it!
cupcake slumber birthday party food
unique and healthy birthday party foods
perfect birthday party food ideas
cupcakes for birthday party
These cupcake are the favorite foods in our celebration. There were prepared and baked by our mom this  morning. And I fell love in these foods.
flower shaped birthday cake
This flower shaped birthday cake is one of the gifts from me. The pink is her favorite color. And I booked this cake  in a gorgeous baker store about two weeks ago.
Here are some birthday party food ideas, I collected for her birthday.
kids birthday party food ideas
cake pops for bothday  party ideas
kids birthday party ideas ice cream
fruit healthy birthday party food
Chocolate birthday party foods idea
The family and friends are very important to both of us. We all love to spend time with them, especially in celebrating some important day. I wish I could have more time to spend with family and friends, especially Sara, my younger angel sister.

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